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Get Involved

Get Involved

You can share knowledge and open tools by getting involved with Open Labs. You don’t have to be a C++ guru (or even know what that means!) and you don’t need to spend lots... …

Support us

Support us

If you’re interested in supporting our efforts, please consider making a donation and getting involved with our community. By donating you will bring education and openness closer to those in need through technology. There are different... …



Our mission is to make knowledge a weapon that brings prosperity and opens new horizons to children of all ages, organizations, local communities and everyday people like you.… While our idea stems from love... …

Focusing on...

Pickit1 devboard

WMKIT: learn and play with electronics

Single-board microcontrollers are microcontrollers built onto a single printed circuit board. This kind of boards provide all of the circuitry necessary for a useful control task: microprocessor, I/O circuits, clock generator, RAM, stored program memory and any support ICs necessary.  As they are usually low-cost hardware, and have an especially low capital cost for development, single-board microcontrollers have long been popular in education, which is one of our mains goals. They are also a popular means for developers to gain hands-on experience with a new processor family.

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Main Projects

  • Mozilla


    The Mozilla project is a global community of people who believe that openness, innovation, and opportunity are key to the continued health of the Internet. The community has worked together since 1998 to ensure that the Internet is developed in a way that benefits everyone. As a result of the community’s efforts, Mozilla has distilled … …

  • 3D printer

    3D printer

    Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using additive processes, where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material. 3D printing is considered distinct from traditional machining techniques (subtractive processes) which mostly rely on the removal of … …

  • TED talks

    TED talks

    We are really happy to announce the start of a new series of events focusing on TED talks, which some of us consider the most inspirational piece of information on the universe, or at least the part of it that we are aware of. At the same time our team at Open Labs is translating … …

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