Balkan FLOSStival 2020

Call for proposals

We would like to invite developers, speakers, and promoters of the FLOSS ecosystem to submit proposals. The applicants who want to pitch at Balkan FLOSStival must be aware that the topic must be related to:

  • open knowledge,
  • open source software and/or hardware,
  • software freedom, online privacy,
  • open source during COVID-19 crisis,
  • generally open culture

Almost all sessions will be held in English. Proposals should also be submitted in English. You are free to propose more than one session, in a separate submission.


If you don’t wish to create an account on Eventyay, feel free to shoot us an email at

About Balkan FLOSStival:

Balkan FLOSStival is the gathering of Balkan-based hacktivists and contributors in the areas of free open source software/hardware, online privacy & freedom of expression, open knowledge, and open data.

The online virtual event will be featuring diverse formats including, but not limited to workshops, presentations, late-night fire-chat talks, and basically any format that you, the participants, bring to the table. Individuals, organizations, universities, public-funded institutions, and companies are invited to join forces with us and keep spreading awareness and knowledge for all!
This event is brought to you by Open Labs in partnership with fossaegean, GFOSS, FLOSSK, GreekLUG & SHARE Foundation and sponsored by EU for Innovation.

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