Announcing Balkan FLOSStival 2020

We are super happy to introduce Balkan FLOSStival, our latest initiative to promote software freedom, open-source software, online privacy, open data and open knowledge in the region, even during the COVID-19 crisis.

What is Balkan FLOSStival?

Balkan FLOSStival is an event that will take place this year for the first time, completely in the form of an online conference to promote software freedom, open-source software, online privacy, open data and open knowledge in the Balkan region. This idea is initiated by Open Labs Hackerspace and every organization in the region is invited to join forces with us and keep spreading awareness and knowledge for all!

Why and how to join: Become a partner host

THIS EVENT IS NEW FOR US TOO! We have a plan and the goodwill, but not everything is crystal-clear!

Please, if you want to take over this challenge with us, don’t hesitate to join the organizing team. We will discuss, plan, organize everything together, exchange experiences and ideas. Our mutual aim is sharing FLOSS knowledge and skills and we can do it better together. This would be an opportunity to bring many small Balkan events into ONE comprehensive conference for all.

Interested? Shoot us an email at

Note that this invitation is for all Balkan Individuals, organizations, universities, public-funded institutions and companies agreeing to the following rules:

(a) you use free open source software for the activities;

(b) your focus is free open source software/hardware, online privacy & freedom of expression, open knowledge and open data;

(c) you respect the code of conduct;

(d) all the outcomes (recorded audio & video) of the FLOSStival are published in a permissive license and

(e) you are dogfooding, which means we are all using free, libre open source infrastructure during the activities.

The sooner we have a team ready to go, the sooner we’ll be able to:

  • decide on the dates of the event – convenient for all team members
  • discuss tasks and responsibilities
  • get started!!!
  • add your item

How & why did we come up with this idea?

And here’s a touch of storytelling!

The original idea of the festival was initiated from the cancellation of OSCAL, the in-person event about software freedom in Tirana and other events in the region such as SFK, due to the COVID-19 crisis and safety measures taken globally this year.

As things didn’t go exactly for the better, a “new era” in event organizing and knowledge sharing started taking place: the online conferencing – a new experience, creative and safe solution. Balkan FLOSStival would be a collaborative effort of Open Source promoters in the region to deliver for the first time one single online conference to a larger, no-border audience! Think of Balkan FLOSStival like a Balkan open-source alliance.

We are calling all organisations and free libre open source communities in the region to join us in promoting and shaping the first Balkan FLOSStival together. We, free libre open source contributors, have the same goals and face the same challenges – let’s work together on creating transnational networks of solidarity, knowledge-sharing and resistance with each other for a future where free libre open source software, the right to online privacy and open data are the standards.


Agenda and plans

Balkan FLOSStival will be an online gathering of Free Libre & Open Source Software communities and contributors, to celebrate, share, connect and learn from each other.

Fellows from all over the world are invited to participate in diverse formats including, but not limited to workshops, presentations, late-night fire-chat talks and basically any format that you, the participants, bring in the table.

This event is planned to take place at the end of this year, maybe the first or second week of December might be an option. But final dates are not decided yet. We would like to have your opinion about the dates as well.

What do you think about this event? If you have any idea, feedback, proposal or comments please do share with us!

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