OSCAL ’23, ‘Standing on Shoulders of Hackers’

OSCAL is back: in 2023 we are ‘Standing on Shoulders of Hackers’ Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) is happening again, folks! Edition VIII will happen once again in Albania during the first weekend of September, more specifically 2nd… Read More

Month of LibreOffice 2021

LibreOffice is a freely available and open source fully-featured office productivity suite created from The Document Foundation. It includes several applications to simplify tasks in an office working environment (creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases). LibreOffice main features:… Read More

Present your project at Open Labs

One thing is sure about Open Labs as a community, we love open source and open knowledge initiatives! Either software or hardware we love supporting and raise visibility about smaller or larger “open” communities out there and most… Read More

Memorandum of Understanding between SCiDEV, WCUGA & Open Labs

The publication of information in an open format of data and information of public interest by government institutions and organizations is an important element of any democratic society. The definition of “open” knowledge and information fosters cooperation and… Read More

The Shuttleworth Foundation supporting us throughout 2020

Back in December 2019, we received an email from the Shuttleworth Foundation telling us that we are awarded a fund of $5000. This came as a surprise since we received the fund after being nominated by Adam Hyde,… Read More

Balkan FLOSStival 2020

Call for proposals We would like to invite developers, speakers, and promoters of the FLOSS ecosystem to submit proposals. The applicants who want to pitch at Balkan FLOSStival must be aware that the topic must be related to:… Read More

Announcing Balkan FLOSStival 2020

We are super happy to introduce Balkan FLOSStival, our latest initiative to promote software freedom, open-source software, online privacy, open data and open knowledge in the region, even during the COVID-19 crisis. What is Balkan FLOSStival? Balkan FLOSStival… Read More

The Court of Justice of the European Union rules against American corporations

On July 16, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that none of the American companies that store personal data of European Union citizens adhere to European rules and laws for the protection of… Read More

DigitalOcean is supporting us again!

For the 4th year in a row, DigitalOcean is supporting our efforts with free credits to host our infrastructure. As Open Source partisans that we are our entire online infrastructure is based in FLOSS software and we are… Read More

FLOSSK & Open Labs Webinars

As coronavirus happens the impact is being felt by everyone, and Open Source communities, despite the good spirit that characterizes them, are not being spared — but the show must go on! With both Open Source Conference Albania… Read More