Code Week 2017 – Burrel, Albania

Code Week 2017 – Burrel, Albania

 EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creating with code. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show young, adults and elderly how you bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn. The initiative was launched in 2013 by the Young Advisors for the Digital Agenda Europe.                                  

On behalf of Code Week EU, a group from Open Labs visited some of the schools of the city of Burrel, to introduce the students with the importance of the platforms such as Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap. During 18, 19, 20 December 2017 several presentations were held from Open Labs community members, where students learned more about these projects, and also several workshops to train them to create accounts and do their first contributions in these platforms.

During the first day, the training  was held with students of the school “31 Korriku” in Burrel. Around 25 students participated in the training that lasted four hours ( 8.30 – 12.30). During the second day in the training more than 20 students of “Mustafa Gjestila” school participated in the 4 hour long workshops ( from 8.30 to 12.30 ). During the third day more than 25 students of “Ilia Qiqi” school joined the activities for the 4 hour long session. The agenda included 2 fully hours dedicated to Wikipedia and 1.5 hours dedicated to OSM.

Everyday started with short presentations with information about Wikimedia (incuding different wiki related projects), and the ways everyone can contribute, and later on, the participants focused on creating personal accounts. After creating their personal accounts on Wikipedia the students started to add informations, improve or create new articles in Albanian Wikipedia (wikipedia.sq) with a main focus on articles about the city of Burrel.

During the second part of the days the students attended presentations about OpenStreeMap project, where they had the opportunity to learn what it is, some of the main sub projects, the importance of OpenStreetMap and how to contribute. Right after creating their personal accounts, they started to edit and contribute in the map of their city adding buildings, streets, information or improving the map based on their local ground knowledge.

During our staying in the city, altogether with Andis, our photographer, we had the opportunity to shoot some pictures of the activities and also of the city of Burrel. All the pictures are uploaded in Wiki Commons in a specific category, which can be found here.

The trainings were expected with enthusiasm and positivity from the students and also from educational institutions of the city of Burrel. The students now are not only users of platforms as Wikipedia and OSM, but also editors and contributors. This was also seen as a good way to contribute for the
improvement of the presence of their city online, but also learn technical skills.

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