Code4Culture Hackathon Korça 2018

Members of the Wikimedia Community User Group Albania (WCUGA) organized on the weekend of 28 & 29 of April 2018 the Code4Culture Hackathon which took place in the city of Korça, Albania. This was one of the first Code4Culture Hackathons which the user group is planning to organize in the upcoming months. This event was organized in close collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Korça, an important GLAM institution in our country. There have been different events related to Wikimedia and its projects which have previously been organized at Open Labs. For the first time during the hackathon in Korça, the organizers decided to use the Programs & Events Dashboard, which is a tool to assist the management of wiki programs and events. You can find the project as GLAM Wiki Albania 2018 and join the program if you’d like to be part of it.

The hackathon started on Saturday, early in the morning! We all took some time to get to know with each other and set up the place! We started with Mariana‘s presentation of Wikimedia and its projects, since most of the attendees were all new with the concepts, this was a good way to get them to understand the scope of the event. Afterwards, Redon made an introduction of the Open Labs Hackerspace community, and introduced the projects of WCUGA. Silva made a quick introduction of the dashboard and showed to people how to create an account there and join a project.

A moment during the presentations

The rest of the event was hands on for most of people who with the help of Sidorela were working on creating or improving a premade list of articles related to cultural monuments of the city of Korça. The articles were added on the dashboard from Augest and this made managing the event much easier for the organizers. You can see here some of the articles that we worked with during the event. Around lunch time, some people also went around the city to take some pictures, which also continued on Sunday morning. These pictures were uploaded afterwards in Wikimedia Commons. You can find them here.

Here you can watch a short interview from Redon for the RTSH Korça television.

For us it was a very interesting experience, working with the Programs & Events Dashboard seemed very practical and made managing the event much easier. We will continue the hackathon sessions on other cities and hope to have even a much better documentation of other cultural objects in the country.

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