CryptoParty Tirana 2017

CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with constantly happening activities in the entire world.
The goal of this movement is sharing as much knowledge to as many individuals as possible on how to protect ourselves in the digital world. This worldwide effort introduces the basis of cryptography both in theory and practice, such as encrypted communication, prevention of espionage when navigating on the internet, anonymity on Tor network, cryptography with public key, storage encryption, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) etc. The project consists of a series of workshops free and open for everyone.

To join this worldwide effort and to inform about the dangers of the digital world, the importance of online privacy and exchange of practical knowledge to protect our privacy, Open Labs with the support of Arjen Kamphuis and Ardian Haxha have organized CryptoParty Tirana.

Date: 30 September 2017 
Where: Innovation Hub, Tirana


9:30 – Registration

10:00 – Introduction – what are we doing today, and who are we? (Albanian & English)

10:15 – Infosecurity, basic concepts, threats & tools explained (English)
11:15 – Questions, discussion (English & Albanian)
12:30 – Lunch break.
13:30 – start practical workshop, learn to use secure web browsers, file-encryption and email-encryption. For advanced users bringing their own laptops: Secure Linux installation support also possible.
16:30 – Wrap-up, please tell us how we did and what we can do better next time. Applause and thrown flowers gratefully received.

About the Mentors

Arjen Kamphuis (Amsterdam, Berlin) and Ardian Haxha (Prishtina), experts on the information security field, will organize in Tirana, the first event -of this nature in collaboration with Open Labs Hackerspace.
Open Labs, as a organization which promotes online privacy and has organized many events of this topic in Tirana, brings the tradition of CryptoParties to Tirana. A part of the community will also be there to share their knowledge with you, so take your laptop with you and join to learn together how to be safe online! This event will be on Saturday, and will be open to all those interested who want to broaden their knowledge in keeping themselves safe online.


Participating in CryptoParty is free but registering is neccessary. If you do not want to register with your name you can chose a username. Registration helps to better organize as it gives us a good approximation of participants. You can support organizers by choosing one of the support tickets.


 – CryptoParty website:
 – Wikipedia article: 
 – Details on Open Labs’ wiki:
 – Innovation Hub website:

  • Cryptoparties are non-profit and no-cost events. Financial support for Open Labs is greatly appreciated. Bringing drinks or home-baked snacks always helps.
  • * gentle warning* The Cryptoparty is NOT a PC-helpdesk, we may not have time to fix your broken Windows PC. Sorry!


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