FLOSSK & Open Labs Webinars

As coronavirus happens the impact is being felt by everyone, and Open Source communities, despite the good spirit that characterizes them, are not being spared — but the show must go on!

With both Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL’20) and Software Freedom Kosova (SFK) affected during the past few weeks by being postponed, FLOSSK and Open Labs have joined efforts to organize a series of webinars covering different topics related to free open source software, online privacy tools, anti-censorship tools, and various technical workshops helping beginners gain new skills. A short description of each of the topics introduced so far can be found here.

With the concept now proven, more webinars, group discussions, short presentations, and short hackathons will be held during the upcoming weeks. The set up is quite open and everyone can share their ideas with us and those interested can host their own sessions in English or Albanian.

You can check the scheduled events here or at forum.openlabs.cc where we share more detailed information on each of the sessions. This calendar is constantly being updated with new events. You can also import the calendar for more convenience.

As always, attendance to those webinars, as with all of our events is free (as in free beer).

See something that you like, join us here: m.flossk.org/webinar

You can join us by hosting your own session. If you have a topic in mind or a skill you want to share, we would love to have you as a guest speaker. Just remember, your session’s topic should be related to FLOSS, open knowledge, or open culture in general, or in online privacy and anti-censorship tools.
See something that is missing? Shoot us an email at info@flossk.org or info@openlabs.cc to submit your presentation.

The Open Source world is well-positioned to weather this crisis, with several tools that facilitate remote collaboration and long time engagement in communities with no borders. We are happy to see interest and engagement in this kind of events and we hope this lays the groundwork for similar initiatives, not just as responses to a crisis but as an effective way of reaching more people.

StaySafe and #HappyHacking

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