Memorandum of Understanding between SCiDEV, WCUGA & Open Labs

The publication of information in an open format of data and information of public interest by government institutions and organizations is an important element of any democratic society. The definition of “open” knowledge and information fosters cooperation and the empowerment of the public domain where every citizen can participate and where the interaction between the parties is at the highest possible level. Sharing information in the public domain is considered a principle of the work process for public institutions. In this context, every step in publishing and using information, through public information databases, the publication of creative work in an open format and open licenses from public institutions and organizations/communities, is a step forward towards a more transparent society and an environment where civil society can be easily involved by using and improving this data.

This Memorandum aims to strengthen cooperation between partners in order to publish multimedia materials and information related to girls and women in the field of science in an open format on platforms such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and other platforms of a nature similar thus empowering the public domain.

Purpose of cooperation:

The purpose of the cooperation between the parties is to organize several activities in order to expose as many young people as possible to Wikipedia, to train participants in editing Wikipedia and lastly, to improve as many articles about girls who have contributed to various sciences.


SCiDEV is an non-partisan organization that aims to support and incentive’s sustainable, economic and social development and democratization in Albania and the wider region. To achieve this SCiDEV works with academia, civil society, private and public institutions, in strengthening innovation and scientific research, advocating, and supporting the use of evidence for legal and regulatory initiatives, and undertaking capacity building activities to strengthen the public and private institution, higher education institutions, media and civil society.

Wikimedia Community User Group Albania

Wikimedia Community User Group Albania (WCUGA for short) is a group of Wikimedia project users in Albania, who organize various activities and projects at the national level including initiatives such as Wiki in Education and GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archives and Museums). WCUGA also aims to represent the Albanian community of Wikimedia projects as well as participate in Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Open Labs Albania

Open Labs is a community and hackerspace located in Tirana, Albania, which promotes open source free software, open data and internet freedom initiatives mainly for the Albanian population. OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia are some of the communities that use the Open Labs infrastructure online and offline (in Tirana) for the benefit of the community and the general public and communities.

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