FLOCK 2017

Open Labs at Flock to Fedora 2017,USA

Flock to Fedora is the annual contributors conference at the Fedora Project. This year the conference was held at Cape Cod, Hyannis, Massachusetts, United States from August 29th until September 1st. For the second year in a row, members from Open Labs had the chance to be part of this conference.

Flock 2017 group photo

 Mariana and Jona, two Open Labs members, traveled to the United States in order to meet contributors from many other countries in order to share their experience as members of the albanian community. Also, present at the conference were Justin and Giannis. Justin comes from the United States and Giannis from Greece. Both, they have visited Open Labs in Tirana many times and they are two out of remote members of our community.

During the first two days, the two girls had the chance to attend very interesting presentations and workshops from many other contributors from various regions. During the third day, Jona presented two topics she had prepared for the audience. The first one had to do with the Diversity Team within the Fedora Project, while the other one, had to do with Ambassadors. This presentation was really interesting also for Mariana, since she got accepted as a Fedora Ambassador only a few days before the conference. Her acceptance raises the number of ambassadors in Albania to five!
This edition of Flock was pretty different from the previous years. This year among the sessions, workshops where those who dominated, and the presentations where more similar to a discussion between the session owners and the audience than a regular talk. Matthew Miller’s (Fedora Project Leader) blogpost, that was published at the Community Blog a few days before the conference, was another issue that triggered the interest of people. This proposal by the Council had to do with the objectives that the community should have in a time frame of 12 to 18 months. That would effect directly our local community in Albania. Also, the two girls had the chance to resemble a ‘Fedorator’ that was designed by a contributor from the Czech Republic. This device creates bootable USB sticks with the Fedora distro with various Desktop Environments.
Moments from Flock 2017
Part of this conference were also social activities of course. ‘International Candy Swap’ was an event the attendees organized in order to exchange candies from different countries. Bakllava and llokume from Albania left the attendees with the best impressions! It seemed that everyone enjoyed this edition of Flock. 
The next meetup will be in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region next year. The biding process for hosting the conference next year is now open. Within a few months we will now the location where Flock will be held.
See you in Flock 2018!


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