Open Labs & WCUGA signed the MoU with National Film Center

Open Labs & WCUGA signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the National Film Center in Albania.

The members of Wikimedia Community Usergroup Albania, the community of Open Labs Hackerspace and the National Film Center institution signed a Memorandum of Understanding under the terms of which the partners will further collaborate to publish multimedia materials and other related information about the Albanian film industry. This materials will be published on Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wiki Commons and other similar platforms with the goal of empowering the public domain.

This memorandum will help the partners to achieve their common goals where the main objective is to improve and enrich the online information about the Albanian cinematography. Publishing the information in an open format through Wikimedia will make it free to access by the public, which is something that has been missing so far. To achieve this commons goals, the National Film Center will provide the necessary information and the materials that will be added to WCUGA and Open Labs. After getting the materials, partners will validate their integrity, to continue afterwards with adding them on Wikimedia platforms.

Andisrado [CC BY-SA 4.0]: Moments from signing the MoU

The project will also consist on a series of hackathons which will be organized by the members of WCUGA and will be held at Open Labs Hackerspace. Through the activities of ”WikiFilmat-SQ-edithathons”, members of WCUGA will not only aim to improve the information about the film industry in Albania, but they also aim to improve the skills of existing editors with the Wikipedia, Wiki Commons and Wikidata platforms. New editors will be also welcomed, they will have the full support of the Usergroup members to make their first steps with the Wikimedia project.

Members of the usergrup also had the pleasure to be present in the morning TV show “Wake Up” and to give an interview for “Top Channel” about the planned activities, the importance of sharing such resources in an open license and the details of collaboration with the National Film Center. You can check the interview here (in Albanian):

The dates of the planned hackathons can be found here:

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