phpList Bug Squash Party

When? Saturday 20th October 2018
Where? Open Labs Hackerspace
Who? You, us and phpList.
Why? Experiment with some issues on a big project.
How? Your laptop, the good will and some php knowledge.

Dust your PHP skills off and get ready to have fun while ‘squashing bugs’ at an all day long lasting party.
On October 20th starting from 10:00 AM, Open Labs hackerspace will host the ‘phpList bug squash party’ that anyone with a bit of PHP knowledge or the good will to contribute would be able, invited and welcome to join. PhpList is an open source email marketing platform written in PHP that is designed for the dissemination of information, such as newsletters, news, advertising to list of subscribers.
During the event information on what phpList exactly does and ways to contribute to the project will be shared. An install fest will also take place and after that, the cherry on top: experiment on solving real code issues on a big project. Put your skills into practice and better yourself with the power of open source. A future developer is not able to say no to coffee & snacks, code & bugs and stickers & T-shirts 😉 . What are you waiting for?
P.s. More details to be revealed on event’s updates; check here &


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