Present your project at Open Labs

One thing is sure about Open Labs as a community, we love open source and open knowledge initiatives! Either software or hardware we love supporting and raise visibility about smaller or larger “open” communities out there and most OL members are currently members of smaller and larger communities out there.

Is there a project or initiative that we are a member of, or you are supporting that you would like to broadcast it to a greater audience? We would love to hear about it! Everyone is invited to host their event at Open Labs as long as their focus area aligns with the Open Labs principals and values.

How it works:

  • You create a public post at the Open Labs community forum where you introduce your project,
  • You propose a presentation about it and pick a date and place (if your event is virtual you share your invitation link),
  • If possible, you make a donation to support our efforts – don’t forget, all OL members are volunteers and these donations are used to cover the hackerspace’s monthly expenses (rent, taxes, internet connection, etc.).

Check out an event proposal here.

About Open Labs:

Open Labs is a community which promotes free and open source technologies, open data, open technological standards, online privacy and powering public domain and alternative licenses of creative works such as Creative Commons

Primary projects of the community are

  • Development of GIS systems with open data such as OpenStreetMap;
  • Open source browser such as Mozilla Firefox;
  • Wiki culture and more specifically projects from Wikipedia Foundation such as Wikipedia Shqip, Wikidata etc;
  • Productivity platforms such as LibreOffice;
  • Open source operating systems such as GNU/Linux

In this context we’re proud that in Open Labs communities which are part of the mentioned priorities are developed and developing.

If you feel that your project doesn’t fit in any of the above-mentioned thematic areas, you are welcomed to post about it and invite OL members and supporters to have a look at it.


    I want to launch a website in Albania just for internships (not work) targeting the Albanian market.

  2. Interesting and useful. Any interesting open source elements you are planning to use?


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