Statement for Daniel Pocock

Statement for Daniel Pocock

There have been a number of public posts made against Open Labs and it’s community members by Daniel Pocock, that Open Labs is aware of.
The posts are shared in a series of websites, which are misleading since they misuse the domain name of other communities to mention here, , which purports to be websites of Debian, FSFE and Fedora community. Also please see Debian statement on the matter here.

The contents shared are ongoing defamatory posts and false accusations involving a number of community members and volunteers. These harmful and misleading behaviors caused by Daniel Pocock including his previous precedents with Open Labs , that led to the decision being made below

Daniel Pocock is no longer welcome in the Open Labs premises and is excluded/banned from all activities organized by the Open Labs Albania community (including OSCAL).

Open Labs Albania does not accept or allow any harmful behavior, harassment and defamation that violates its CoC conduct code and will continue act to protect it’s community members and volunteers from such matters.

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