The Shuttleworth Foundation supporting us throughout 2020

Back in December 2019, we received an email from the Shuttleworth Foundation telling us that we are awarded a fund of $5000. This came as a surprise since we received the fund after being nominated by Adam Hyde, an open source friend of ours. 

As 2020 came in we started making plans on revamping the hackerspace and purchasing new hardware that would make the place more attractive to hacktivists who want to build their own projects at the hackerspace. We made a list of hardware we would purchase, new furniture we would equip the place with and chose the colour we would paint the place. Painting the place was our “next ambitious project” as we decided to do it ourselves instead of hiring painting experts to do it for us. That way, we hoped to spend some time with one another and take care of ourselves for the place we love to hang out at and build our projects.

Unfortunately, on March the hackerspace was closed for the public to conform with the national regulations imposed by the government due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As months went by the fund from the Shuttleworth Foundation became our only source of money to cover our monthly expenses. Even if we didn’t use the space, the rent had to be paid. Rent, internet connection, fiscal assistance from our bookkeeper, servers for our online infrastructure are only a few of the expenses that we were able to cover thanks to the grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation.

In this underrepresented worldwide crisis having a “back up plan” was a great gift for everyone that manages the hackerspace. Even though we didn’t manage to purchase new hardware, at least we didn’t lose the space.

From us at Open Labs, to the Shuttleworth Foundation and Adam: Faleminderit! 🙂


  1. Major respect to all organizations like the Shuttleworth Foundation that empower local communities and individuals like Adam Hyde that connect local communities like the one in Tirana with international organizations that help and support in such difficult times!


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