Join Us:1 Year Open Labs Celebration

One Year Open Labs celebrationWe started Open Labs as a group of people that felt that knowledge sharing, open collaboration, open data and open source software are the base of a healthy society in a local or broader level. It was just an idea that came to life with hard work and team work since day one. July 2012 was the start of weekly meetups, events, collaborations with regional hackerspaces, free software organisations, projections, workshops and friendships that lead to some of the most inovative projects inititated Albania and spreaded in Kosovo, Greece, and Germany.

July 16th is the day we celebrate all the hard work, the fun and hacks with a brand new place, more people and board, a clear vision on sharing open source tecnhologies and on loving what we are doing even more. Join us!
When: Tuesday, July 16th 2013
Where: Open Labs hackerspace, Rruga “Jordan Misja”, Seksioni I, Pallati i Usllugës, Apartamenti A-22. Same buiding with World Vision.

Open Labs 1 year celebration july 2013

after party FLOSSK-ies and OL-ers


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