Open Labs creates: Halloween LED lighters

Open Labs creates: Halloween LED lighters

Open Labs creates: Halloween LED lighters

This Saturday Open Lab-ers will make Halloween look geeky by creating illuminated cubes using LEDs, paper and batteries. It will be fun and you should definitely join us!

Saturday 27.11.2012 @ 12.00

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Open Labs: Nikolla Llena, Nr. 100, Tirana, Albania

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Open Labs at the eighth edition of ITTF in Pristina

Open Labs at Information Communication Technology Fair Kosovo

Open Labs at Information Communication Technology Fair KosovoFrom the 3rd till the 5th of October was held the eighth edition of ITTF (Information and Communication Technology Fair in Kosovo) in the Palace of youth & sports.  We collaborated with FLOSSK by presenting some of the projects such as: 3D printer and WeMakeIt educational kit, while FLOSSK presentet in addition Prishtina Buses and other projects.

Visitors of the fair were really interested especially for the 3-dimensional printer. They asked a lot of questions like what’s this, how it works or who did this, and they were pretty amazed when they found out that this was probably the first 3D printer in the Balkans.

The other project we presented is WeMakeIt kit which is a microcontroller educational kit created with the goal to have fun and to do a lot of experiments. It was also mentioned that the kit is created and developed in association with our organization, FLOSSK and KIKA.

The FLOSSK team also presented where you can find all buses running in Prishtina, timetables, prices and the bus route (using OpenStreetMap).  It was fun meeting new people from Kosovo who perhaps will get more involved at our projects and/or will join FLOSSK.

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Open Labs presents: Catastroika in Albanian w/ Aris Xatzistefanou

Open Labs prezanton Catastroika ne Shqip

Catastroika is the second baby of the creators of Debtocracy, a documentary with two million views broadcasted from Japan to Latin America, analyze the shifting of state assets to private hands.  They travel round the world gathering data on privatization in developed countries and search for clues on the day after Greece’s massive privatization program.

Catastroika is distributed online under creative commons licence and the production team has declared that it has no interest in any kind of commercial exploitation of the project. An amazing fact is also the fact that the documentary is produced by crowd-funding techniques by the audience.

Open Labs team translated the documentary in Albanian and will present the outcome at a dedicated event along with a special guest.

– Catastroika projection (in Albanian subtitles by Open Labs members)
– talk by Aris Xatzistefanou (one of the two main figures behind Catastroika)
– discussion and Q&A session

Links: Facebook event,, Google+ Event

Event info
– time: 03.11.2012 @ 19.00
– where: Open Labs HQs (Nikolla Llena, Nr. 100, Tirana, Albania)
– entrance: free as in Freedom, not as in free beer


Presenting: Firefox & Thunderbird release party

Mozilla Firefox team

pic by Jean-Marc Courtiade

Mozilla is launching the new versions for Firefox and Thunderbird, the open source projects that aim to make the web better, and we are celebrating it for the first time in Albania with a mega party at Open Labs.

Saturday 13.10.2012 @ 18.30

– Projection: Netscape Mozilla 1998 – 2000
– Firefox ideology (small history and new version) by Ardian Haxha
– Thunderbird: installation in Albanian language by Heroid Shehu
– DJ set by Truman & VJ set

stickers, fruits, posters tshirts and endless fun!

Links: Facebook event, Mozilla Reps event page, event, Google+ Event

Pics from the event:











Software Freedom Day 2012 Albania

Software Freedom Day logo

Open Labs presents Software Freedom Day 2012Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. SFD is a public education effort with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use.

At Open Labs we are celebrating Software Freedom for the first year featuring:

– Why Software Freedom matters (presentation by Baki Goxhaj)
– Installation of Ubuntu in Albanian (presented by  Dashamir Hoxha)
– Installfest (bring your laptop and we will install you free software)
– music, fruits and stickers

Where: Open Labs
When: 15.09.2012@ 19.00
Links: Facebook, Google+,,

A little story:
Software Freedom Day was established in 2004 and was first observed on 28 August of that year. About 12 teams participated in the first Software Freedom Day. Since that time it has grown in popularity and while organizers anticipated more than 1,000 teams in 2010 the event has stalled at around 400+ locations over the past two years.