Catastroika in Albanian subtitles


Remember the presentation of Catastroika, the documentary by Aris Xatzhistefanou projected and presented in Tirana @ Open Labs? It is considered as one of the flagship events of our community based on the buzz and the comments we had from the participants.

Catastroika is the second baby of the creators of Debtocracy, a documentary with two million views broadcasted from Japan to Latin America, analyze the shifting of state assets to private hands. Catastroika is distributed online under creative commons license and the production team has declared that it has no interest in any kind of commercial exploitation of the project.

The video is now online also with Albanian subtitles from the Open Labs team and you can enjoy it below. A big thank you goes to Sokol Dollani for the overview of the translation.

STREAM THE MOVIE (with Albanian subtitles)

DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE (torrent file from The Pirate Bay with no subtitles)



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