Open Labs at Commons Festival in Crete

Commons Fest Greece poster

The Festival of the Commons (CommonsFest) is an initiative to promote freedom of knowledge (or free knowledge) and peer-to-peer collaboration for the creation and management of the commons. A philosophy that has spread through free software communities and… Më tepër

DuckDuckGo, Because Privacy is Important

about duckduckgo

DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that uses information from crowdsourced websites such as Wikipedia to obtain its results. The search engine policy says that it protects privacy, and does not record user information. Because users are not… Më tepër

Albanian ICT Awards 2012

ICT Awards partnership Open Labs

The Albanian ICT Awards will aim to honour and to increase the level of individual and professional self-consciousness. The Main Event with the participation of distinct professionals on ICT sector, managers of top levels and representatives of public… Më tepër

Startup Live Tirana

Startup Live Tirana 2013

Open Labs is always near the developments of the new generation of inovators in Albania. That’s why we couldn’t not be active parnters of Startup Live Tirana. But what is SLT? In short, people from different backgrounds come… Më tepër

Document Freedom Day at Open Labs

Document Freedom Day 2013 ne Open Labs

Celebrating information accessibility and raising awareness of Open Standards for the first time in Albania though Document Freedom Day 2013. Join us at Open Labs and get all the information about: – what is Document Freedom (presentation/talk) –… Më tepër

Kevin Kelly: How technology evolves

Kevin Kelly TED Talk in Albanian

We are continuing translating TED talks in Albanian with no intention to stop at the near future. Here you can enjoy the last one related with a topic we love: the evolution of technology. During this TED talk… Më tepër

Free WordPress training at Open Labs v2.0

Wordpress at Open Labs ver 2.0

After the great feedback and participation we had for the first series of the WordPress training we are restarting the trainings from this Saturday 16.00 at Open Labs. Don’t forget to get a laptop with you, but if… Më tepër

Catastroika in Albanian subtitles


Remember the presentation of Catastroika, the documentary by Aris Xatzhistefanou projected and presented in Tirana @ Open Labs? It is considered as one of the flagship events of our community based on the buzz and the comments we… Më tepër

An open letter from bunnie, author of Hacking the Xbox

Hacking the Xbox

[Bunnie], the hardware hacker who first hacked into the original Xbox while at MIT, is releasing his book on the subject for free. The book was originally released in 2003, and delves into both the technical and legal… Më tepër

What We Can Learn from Hackerspaces?

hackerspaces logo

(article source: from here) Portuguese maker, open-source advocate and founder of openMaterials, a collaborative research project focused on open-source and DIY experimentation with smart materials. Catarina is a maker of things, a research scholar, and an open source… Më tepër