Firefox Add-on localized infographic

Infographic 3BillionAddons SQ

During summer of 2012 the Firefox team announced that the famous browser crossed more than 3 billion downloads of Firefox Add-ons! That’s almost half of the world’s population and more than the number of people on the Internet… Më tepër

Projecting: Eric Topol and the wireless future of medicine

TED ne Shqip te merkurave ne Open Labs 121114

Eric Topol says we’ll soon use our smartphones to monitor our vital signs and chronic conditions. At TEDMED, he highlights several of the most important wireless devices in medicine’s future — all helping to keep more of us… Më tepër

TED talks

We are really happy to announce the start of a new series of events focusing on TED talks, which some of us consider the most inspirational piece of information on the universe, or at least the part of… Më tepër

Kosovo 2.0 magazine at Open Labs

Kosovo 2.0 at Open Labs

Kosovo 2.0 is the first state of affairs magazine that engages Kosovars in creating the framework and image through which Kosovo’s youth is documented locally and represented abroad. Now you can get Kosovo 2.0 magazine at Open Labs…. Më tepër

Michael Anti: Behind the Great Firewall of China

TED ne Shqip perkthyer nga Open_Labs 121107

The second TED talk translated from Open Labs members in Albanian focuses on the big firewall of China. Michael Anti (aka Jing Zhao) has been blogging from China for 12 years. Despite the control the central government has… Më tepër

Focusing on…

Single-board micro-controllers are micro-controllers built onto a single printed circuit board. This kind of boards provide all of the circuitry necessary for a useful control task: microprocessor, I/O circuits, clock generator, RAM, stored program memory and any support… Më tepër

Presenting our first TED Talk translation in Albanian

TED ne Shqip te merkurave ne Open Labs edicioni 121031

Proud announcement: the first translation of a TED talk in Albanian implemented from an Open Lab-er is on air. We will celebrate this with a special projection and free pop-corn this Wednesday. As always if you want to… Më tepër

Open Labs creates: Halloween LED lighters

Open Labs creates: Halloween LED lighters

This Saturday Open Lab-ers will make Halloween look geeky by creating illuminated cubes using LEDs, paper and batteries. It will be fun and you should definitely join us! When Saturday 27.11.2012 @ 12.00 Links Facebook event, Google+ Event,… Më tepër

Open Labs at the eighth edition of ITTF in Pristina

Open Labs at Information Communication Technology Fair Kosovo

From the 3rd till the 5th of October was held the eighth edition of ITTF (Information and Communication Technology Fair in Kosovo) in the Palace of youth & sports.  We collaborated with FLOSSK by presenting some of the… Më tepër

Open Labs presents: Catastroika in Albanian w/ Aris Xatzistefanou

Open Labs prezanton Catastroika ne Shqip

Catastroika is the second baby of the creators of Debtocracy, a documentary with two million views broadcasted from Japan to Latin America, analyze the shifting of state assets to private hands.  They travel round the world gathering data… Më tepër