GreekLUG visits Open Labs


“Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS/OSS” s a Non Goverment Organization / Non Profit Society based in Thessaloniki (Greece) which purpose is to promote GNU/Linux and FS/OSS (Free Software / Open Source Software).

The target of the organization is to spread the word about the freedom of software and the choice that anybody can and should have using Computers.  GreekLUG constantly organizes actions, lessons and presentations which you can attend and participate! Also, at their headquarters there is the Thessaloniki GNU/Linux Laboratory, which you can visit and learn more about FS/OSS.

Konstantinos Voukouvalas and Kostantinos Mousafiris, two active members of the community visited our hackerspace, shared their experience as a community and answered our questions. Above a picture form the meeting.

This is part of our collaboration with FLOS (Free Libre Open Source) communities from the region and we will continue to seek collaboration with all our friends from the Balkans in the future.

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