Open Labs at Commons Festival in Crete

Commons Fest Greece poster

The Festival of the Commons (CommonsFest) is an initiative to promote freedom of knowledge (or free knowledge) and peer-to-peer collaboration for the creation and management of the commons. A philosophy that has spread through free software communities and extends to many aspects of our daily lives, such as the arts, governance, construction of machinery, tools and other goods.

Through exhibitions, lectures, screenings and workshops, the aim of the festival is to promote to the public the achievements of this philosophy and become the motive for further adoption.

Open Labs and the WMI team are honored to be invited from the organizers of Commons Fest for a WMKIt workshop in order to spread the word about open hardware and ways of playing with electronics.

When: 14-21 of April
Where: Heraklion, Crete (Greece)

Pics from WMKIT workshop

Pics from WMKIT workshop at Commons Fest CreteCommons Fest by Open Labs WMKIT workshop71

Commons Fest by Open Labs WMKIT workshop 67more fotos from the workshop can be found at

Pics from the fest

Commons Fest by Open Labs 50Commons Fest by Open Labs 54Commons Fest by Open Labs WMKIT workshop 62

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