Open Labs at the eighth edition of ITTF in Pristina

Open Labs at Information Communication Technology Fair Kosovo

Open Labs at Information Communication Technology Fair KosovoFrom the 3rd till the 5th of October was held the eighth edition of ITTF (Information and Communication Technology Fair in Kosovo) in the Palace of youth & sports.  We collaborated with FLOSSK by presenting some of the projects such as: 3D printer and WeMakeIt educational kit, while FLOSSK presentet in addition Prishtina Buses and other projects.

Visitors of the fair were really interested especially for the 3-dimensional printer. They asked a lot of questions like what’s this, how it works or who did this, and they were pretty amazed when they found out that this was probably the first 3D printer in the Balkans.

The other project we presented is WeMakeIt kit which is a microcontroller educational kit created with the goal to have fun and to do a lot of experiments. It was also mentioned that the kit is created and developed in association with our organization, FLOSSK and KIKA.

The FLOSSK team also presented where you can find all buses running in Prishtina, timetables, prices and the bus route (using OpenStreetMap).  It was fun meeting new people from Kosovo who perhaps will get more involved at our projects and/or will join FLOSSK.

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