Play with electronics with WeMakeIt Workshop

WeMakeIt Visual ID Box design

WeMakeIt is a microcontroller educational kit created with the overall goal of having fun. Beyond this, the aim is to get you comfortable using a wide range of electronic components through small, simple and easy circuits. The focus is to get each circuit working then giving you the tools to figure out why. For more information about the whole project check the official website

At Open Labs we have worked for more than 5 months for this project and now is time to share every detail with the community with this workshop at Open Labs hackerspace. Open Labs is located at Rr. Nikolla Lena 100 in Tirana (interactive map here).

The fun will take place this Saturday 23.02.2013 at 15.00. Take your laptop if you have one, and get ready to play with electronics even if you have no idea about what we are talking about. WeMakeIt Visual ID Box design

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