Projecting Creative Commons Short Movies

Projecting Creative Commons Short Movies

Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization that has released several copyright-licenses known as Creative Commons licenses free of charge to the public. These licenses allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators. Since CC licenses help us share knowledge and culture we have promoted the iniciative before and are continuing to do so in the future.

That’s why we collaborate with, a movie portal that uses open software for publishing, to bring you a night full of projections with short movies published in Creative Commons licenses.

Beautiful World –
Little Tombstome –

What: Creative Commons projection movies night at Open Labs
When: Wednesday, July 31st 2013 @ 19.00
Where: Open Labs hackerspace, Rruga “Jordan Misja”, Seksioni I, Pallati i Usllugës, Apartamenti A-22. Same buiding with World Vision.

New location of Open LabsBacklinks:, Facebook event, Google+ event,

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