Startup Live Tirana

Startup Live Tirana 2013

Open Labs is always near the developments of the new generation of inovators in Albania.
That’s why we couldn’t not be active parnters of Startup Live Tirana. But what is SLT?

In short, people from different backgrounds come together to present ideas, listen to new thoughts and develop their prototypes!  This is steroids for your idea. Pitch, form your team, work, get feedback from startups, experts and mentors, present what you have achieved in front of about 60 people including experts. The process is accompanied by coaches, business angels, start-up entrepreneurs and all other participants. You get to know all these people in an informal way, usually standing there with a beer in hand hooking up with your future investors or mentors.

Get all the fun this weekend from 4-6 April 2013 @ Fakulteti i Ekonomisë, Qytet Studenti, 1000 Tirana, Albania. For more info about the location click here!

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