Wikiakademia ne Radio Travel

Sot më datë 27.01.2014 ishim të ftuar në Radio Travel ku biseduam për projektet aktuale të komunitetit duke u fokusuar në WikiAkademinë Shqiptare dhe Wikipedia. Vijon materiali në audio dhe disa foto.

Mozilla Weekend

MozWeekend 2014 Open Labs

Mozilla Weekend, ose pak më në shqip, Fundjava e Mozilla-s, është një event që do të organizohet në fundjavën e 8-9 shkurtit për herë të parë në Shqipëri. Eventi do të organizohet nga Komuniteti i Mozilla Albania dhe… Më tepër

Linux Installfest at Open Labs #0

Linux installfest at Open Labs. Come with your laptop and preview/install Linux on your computer and join the open source community in Albania. Date: 9.11.2013 @ 15.00 All the details coming soon. Update Foto nga eventi   

Celebrate 30 years of GNU project with this Emacs workshop

Edituesi Emacs

GNU is turning 30, and you’re invited to the festivities in Tirana, Albania. Join us at Open Labs hackerspace Tirana, on September 28 @ 15.00 to celebrate the GNU Project’s world-altering accomplishments with an open to all workshop… Më tepër

HTML Workshop part 1

Html workshop

Learn to create basic websites in HTML using HTML tags including HTML5 ones. Join us for this free and open to the public workshop hosted by Ndriçim Strazimiri. What: HTML basics workshop When: Saturday, August 3rd 2013 @… Më tepër

openSUSE Conference: the Aftermath

Open Labs at openSUSE Thessaloniki 2013

openSUSE conference 2013 was a blast for the Open Labs team members that were there. We totally enjoyed the city, the talks, the greek food and all the open culture that was all around us for during the… Më tepër

New Place for our hackerspace

We have moved to a brand new and better location near the train station in Tirana. It is the same building where World Vision is hosted, which is between Universiteti Midikadent and Universiteti Beder. The adress is: Rruga… Më tepër

Join Us:1 Year Open Labs Celebration

We started Open Labs as a group of people that felt that knowledge sharing, open collaboration, open data and open source software are the base of a healthy society in a local or broader level. It was just… Më tepër

C++ Workshop at Open Labs

C++ (pronounced “see plus plus”) is a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose programming language. It is regarded as an intermediate-level language, as it comprises both high-level and low-level language features. C++ is one of the most popular… Më tepër

Open Labs at Commons Festival in Crete

Commons Fest Greece poster

The Festival of the Commons (CommonsFest) is an initiative to promote freedom of knowledge (or free knowledge) and peer-to-peer collaboration for the creation and management of the commons. A philosophy that has spread through free software communities and… Më tepër