Kevin Kelly: How technology evolves

Kevin Kelly TED Talk in Albanian

We are continuing translating TED talks in Albanian with no intention to stop at the near future. Here you can enjoy the last one related with a topic we love: the evolution of technology. During this TED talk… Më tepër

Projecting: Eric Topol and the wireless future of medicine

TED ne Shqip te merkurave ne Open Labs 121114

Eric Topol says we’ll soon use our smartphones to monitor our vital signs and chronic conditions. At TEDMED, he highlights several of the most important wireless devices in medicine’s future — all helping to keep more of us… Më tepër

TED talks

We are really happy to announce the start of a new series of events focusing on TED talks, which some of us consider the most inspirational piece of information on the universe, or at least the part of… Më tepër