Wikipedia Workshop #0 – Introduction

Wikipedia Workshop #0 - Introduction

During the past years, Wikipedia has proven that collaborating with communities and individuals all around the world to create a common platform where knowledge is shared, can be very effective. Being the most visited website without advertisements, Wikipedia is a website we use in our daily life,  regardless if school, university or for fun.

As it’s quite obvious how important it is to support such iniatives, Open Labs is hosting the #0 Wikipedia Workshop on Saturday, 21st September at 3PM.
Why #0? Well, because it’s an introduction. You will get to create a Wikipedia account, learn the basics of the wiki syntax and how to edit minor mistakes, and of course create your first article from scratch in Albanian! Your background doesn’t matter. Regardless if you like Open Source Software, Ponies, or Quantum Mechanic Physics, there is always something which you will love to check out!
Join us in this initative!

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